Florida Executive Clemency Experience

Since 1994, Reggie Garcia has provided legal counsel to state prison inmates or other convicted felons seeking Commutations of Sentence; Request for Review; Waivers; Full Pardons; Specific Authority to Own, Possess or Use Firearms; and/or Restoration of Civil Rights (RCRs).  

He has appeared on approximately 20 cases before four governors and numerous members of the Florida Cabinet, of both political parties, serving as the Board of Executive Clemency. He has advocated for another approximately 7 convicted felons who obtained Restoration of Civil Rights without a hearing. He has served as a consultant or pro bono advisor on several other executive clemency matters.  Applications were approved unless indicated.

  1. Firearm Authority for a Tampa business owner (Approval Certificate, September 1994).
  2. Pardon without Firearm Authority for an Illinois insurance professional (Order # 1999C - 193, October 1999).
  3. RCRs for a Tampa business owner (Order # 2000C - 210, September 2000).
  4. RCRs for a federal conviction for a Tallahassee law school graduate (Expedited per Rule 17, Order# 2004C - ______, September 2004).
  5. RCRs for a St. Pete homebuilder / contractor. (Order# 2005C - 255, September 2005).
  6. Full Pardon for a Naples business owner (Denial Letter, January 2006).
  7. Full Pardon for a Clearwater printer (Order# 2006C - 64, March 2006).
  8. Full Pardon for a Brandon business owner (Consent Agenda, Order # 2006C - ____, June 2006).
  9. RCRs for a Riverview electrician/contractor (Order # 2006C - ______, June 2006).
  10. Commutation of Sentence for a Georgia resident and Florida inmate serving 14 years for DUI Manslaughter (Sentence reduced by 6 years, Order# 2006C - 407, September 2006).
  11.  Full Pardon for Virginia / Polk County business owner (Order # 2008C - 120), February 2008).  
  12. Full Pardon for a Maryland sales professional (Order # 2008C - 333, October 2008).
  13. Full Pardon for an international business owner (Consultant, Order # 2009C - 263, December 2009).
  14. Full Pardon for a Clearwater CPA / corporate officer (Expedited per Rule 17, Order # 2010C - 147, December 2010).
  15. Pardon for Misdemeanor with Firearm Authority for a Michigan retired contractor (Order 2012C - 13, March 2012).
  16. Commutation of Sentence for an Orlando resident and Florida inmate serving life for second degree murder (Denial Letter, March 2013).
  17. Full Pardon for an Alabama building contractor (Order # 2014C - 77, September 2014).
  18. RCRs for a federal conviction for a Miami business owner (Order # 2015C - 42, March 2015).
  19. Commutation of Sentence for a Lake County resident and Florida inmate serving 10.4 years for DUI Manslaughter (Denial Letter, September 2016).
  20. Full Pardon for a Vero Beach business owner (Order # 2017C - 178, March 2017).
  21.  Full Pardon for a Tallahassee retired contractor (Denial Letter, March 2018).
  22. Full Pardon for a Miami business owner (Consultant,  _________ , September 2020).  
Reggie is an AV Preeminent®-rated attorney by Martindale-Hubbell, achieving the rating agency’s highest marks for both competency and ethics.
An elite group of approximately 10 percent of all attorneys holds an AV Preeminent Rating, a designation trusted worldwide by buyers and referrers of legal services.

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