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January 2015
How To Leave Prison Early - Florida Clemency, Parole and Work Release

(Laurenzana Press, 110 pages, Amazon Books) 

Book Review by Carla M. Newman, Assistant State Attorney, 8th Judicial Circuit, The Florida Bar Journal, Volume 90, No. 3 (March 2016, page 56).
December 2015
Second Chances – Florida Pardons, Restoration of Civil Rights and More

(Laurenzana Press, 180 pages, Amazon Books) 

Book Review by Carla M. Newman, Assistant State Attorney, 8th Judicial Circuit, The Florida Bar Journal, Volume 90, No. 8 (September/October 2016, pages 66 and 67).
Fall 2007Clemency 101: Seeking Justice for Felons, The Clemency Application Process as of July 2007 
FACDL’S Florida Defender magazine (Fall 2007, Volume 19, No. 3, pages 23–25); Hillsborough County Bar Association’s Lawyer magazine (Oct. 2007, Volume 18, No. 2, pages 22-23 and Nov. 2007, Volume 18, No. 3, pages 22 -23). 
Fall 2010Restricted “Employment Purposes Only” Driver’s License Now an Option for Certain Multiple DUI Offenders … Legislature Creates “Hard Path Back” to Increase Public Safety 
FACDL’s Florida Defender magazine (Fall 2010, Volume 23, No. 3, pages 28–29).
Summer 2011Florida Executive Clemency: Seeking Mercy and Justice for Convicted Felons 
FACDL’s Florida Defender magazine (Summer 2011, Volume 23, No. 2, pages 32–34, 40).
Summer 2012Early Release of Non-Violent Offenders Can Be … “Smart Justice” Governor’s Veto Cites Unwarranted Exception to 85% Sentence Law
FACDL’s Florida Defender magazine (Summer 2012, Volume 24, No. 2, pages 10–11, 19).
Winter 2013Parole in Florida: What, Who, When and Why?
FACDL’s Florida Defender magazine (Volume 24, No. 4, pages 14–17, 28).
Winter 2014Community Work Release in Florida Prisons, Good for Florida’s Inmates and Taxpayers
FACDL’s Florida Defender magazine (Volume 26, No. 4, pages 26–27, 29).
October/November 2014Restoration of Civil Rights: Voting, Serving on a Jury & Getting Jobs
FJA’s Journal magazine, Diversity in the Law (Volume #580, pages 15–16).
Winter 2015Prison Conditional Medical Release - Good for Taxpayers and Inmates
FACDL’s Florida Defender magazine (Volume 27, No. 4, pages 24–26).
Winter 2017Executive Clemency, Mercy for Convicted Felons
FACDL’s Florida Defender magazine (Volume 29, No. 4, pages 38–41, 45).
September/October2018Executive Clemency, Mercy for Convicted Felons
FJA’s Journal magazine, The Briefcase (Volume # 604, pages 52–55).
Summer 2020Prison Conditional Medical Release, Good for Public Health and Safety, Taxpayers and Inmates
FACDL’s Florida Defender magazine (Volume 32, No. 2, pages 18–21). 
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