Reviews for How to Leave Prison Early

More Praise for How to Leave Prison Early

"The book contains practical, useful information in terms of navigating early release."

Carla M. Newman, assistant state attorney ( 8th Judicial circuit ) March 2016 

“I just read your book … and I am impressed. You gave a clear and concise explanation of clemency that was quite helpful.”

 — 24 year-old inmate serving 20 years for 2nd degree murder (4/14/15)

“As Florida’s premier expert on early inmate release, attorney Reggie Garcia, has written this much needed easy to read book and excellent guide for his primary intended audiences the inmate, their families and supporters. A must read.”

Hon. Bob Butterworth, Esq., Clemency Board member as four-term Attorney General of Florida 1987-2003 (5/26/15)

“Reggie Garcia has always been very professional in his appearances before the Florida Cabinet.”

Hon. Jim Smith, Esq., Clemency Board member as FL Secretary of State 2002-2003 and Florida Attorney General 1979-1987 (8/11/15)

“As a Clemency Board member for 10 years, clemency decisions were often difficult ones for me and my colleagues. However, these cases gave us an opportunity to approve citizens who earned mercy and a second chance.

With his 20 years experience, Mr. Garcia has the credibility to help the board make informed decisions. He is a trusted advocate.”

Hon. Tom Gallagher, Clemency Board member as Florida Chief Financial Officer 2003-2007 and Florida Treasurer 1989-1995 (7/8/15)

“Reggie Garcia has taken his years of successful experience and condensed them in this easy to read and remarkably helpful book.  It is a must read not only for those incarcerated but also for the lawyers who help them and the decision-makers who consider their cases. ”

Hon. Major Harding, Esq., former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Florida 1991-2002 (5/4/15)

“Among my proudest achievements are recognizing accomplished lawyers like Reggie Garcia (1985) who has a very unique and effective law specialty — to help get mercy, grace and justice for convicted felons who have earned a second chance from the governor and Florida Cabinet or the parole commission.  

Mr. Garcia’s “How To” book is well-written, timely and mainly for people who cannot afford a lawyer — it will help inmates’ families learn clemency, parole and other release options and strategies.”

  — Fred Levin, Esq., the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame and namesake of the UF Levin College of Law (4/19/15)

“I really appreciated your book in that it was a very succinct and understandable explanation of a complicated process. It would act as a great handbook for lawyers to help educate their clients on this very cumbersome process and it gives a great overview of all the complexities. It is truly a how to and who with of the entire clemency process. Congratulations.”

  — Mark M. O’Mara, Esq., Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist, CNN Legal Analyst, and George Zimmerman’s lawyer (7/16/15)

“Reggie Garcia's very useful book comes at a time when large numbers of Floridians are caught in a dysfunctional criminal justice system.  His wide experience has provided a base for good advice to those who are trapped in this system.  I see the book as an important piece of the effort to fashion a system of smart justice.”

 — Hon. Sandy D’Alemberte, Esq., former ABA President, FSU President, FSU Law Dean, and Founder of the Innocence Project of Florida (5/9/15)

“This is a ‘How To’ book that should be required reading by inmates and lawyers seeking to obtain prison release.”

Morris S. Dees, Jr., Esq., nationally-renowned civil rights trial lawyer and co-founder, Southern Poverty Law Center (4/28/15)

“Congratulations on publishing your great work. I’m quite sure it will be a great aid to those in need.”

Sister Mary Rinaldi, Development Director, Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco, North Haledon, NJ (6/30/15)

"The clemency process is one of the most emotional, significant to society and those who are directly affected, and misunderstood undertakings of Florida state government. Mr. Reggie Garcia has spent much of his legal career advising clients and state policy makers on clemency and closely observing its evolution over recent decades. For anyone who wants to understand how the king - now governor and cabinet - dispenses discretionary justice in Florida, this is the book to read.

The Honorable Bob Graham, US Senator 1987-2005; Governor of Florida 1979-1987 (January 2015)

"Reggie Garcia is "an expert in clemency and parole cases."

Sean Rossman, Tallahassee Democrat (July 21, 2014)

"A man who truly seeks justice."

Brian Tannebaum, Miami lawyer, author of The Practice and past president of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Laywers (November 18, 2014)

"There is not a more qualifed clemency/parole attorney in the State. And yet you took yoru time to educate me and introduce me to key players. Both [the inmate] and I are so grateful."

Pattie Velasquez, Delray Beach lawyer and mediator (December 2014)

"It's the job of Reggie Garcia (JD '85) to win for his clients the rights and freedoms that no judge or jury can grant."

Richard Goldstein, Editor/UF Law, in "Official Mercy," UF Law magazine (Fall 2011)

"We are so deeply touched by the pure passion, tireless dedication and absolute commitment that Reggie Garcia reflects every day to reverse a decades-old injustice."

Ron Sachs, CEO/Sachs Media Group (August 24, 2014)

"If you want a passionate, capable, knowledgeable attorney on your case, you will find it in Reggie Garcia. He is qualified bar none to take your care before the Florida parole or clemency boards."

Pat Bliss, retired paralegal (September 16, 2014)

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